About Us

With over 30 years of working with the hearing impaired, Kevin has the experience and maturity you can trust. He looks forward every day to getting to work and helping people hear better. His youngest daughter Moira has hearing loss, and he understands the frustration and embarrassment this invisible disability can cause. He knows all too well that hearing loss is much more than the beeps someone can’t hear in a soundbooth. Hearing loss is about not being able to hear your grandson’s name when it’s called at high school graduation or struggling to understand your loved ones at a simple family get-together. 

At Ideal Hearing, we won’t just test your hearing and sell you hearing aids. We will perform a top notch hearing evaluation that will always include various types of speech- in-quiet and speech-in-noise testing. This way we will have established, measurable outcomes for you when you are wearing the hearing aids, whether you are watching TV with your spouse or at a busy restaurant. We will create a specific auditory rehabilitation program for you using the latest in brain re-training tools and techniques. We will bring you back for specific programming adjustments to ensure that your hearing aids are working at their optimal efficiency.

At Ideal Hearing we know that the most important resource we have to offer you isn’t our experience or knowledge or even our work ethic. It is our sincere desire to help, our empathy and ability to treat you or your loved one as a human being of value, not a commodity. This is what sets us apart and why we hope you will choose to become part of the Ideal “family”.