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Kevin McConnell, HIS : Hearing Instrument Specialist

Kevin McConnell, HIS

Lakewood Office | Ideal Hearing Solutions

Hearing Instrument Specialist


Kevin McConnell has been fitting hearing aids for over 30 years. He has worked with every major hearing aid manufacturer and can recommend the absolutely best make and model of hearing aid to fit your specific type of loss and perhaps more importantly, the type and style of aid that will best fit your lifestyle and budget! Kevin works collaboratively with each patient and their family and will ask a lot of questions to find out your specific hearing challenges. He will conduct a thorough and comprehensive audiometric exam that will always include speech testing in quiet, and speech testing in noise.

Kevin believes that fixing hearing loss is only half the battle and the other half is working with each patient on a specific-to-them auditory rehabilitation and training program. He knows that studies show that understanding speech, particularly in noisy situations, is much easier when combined with an auditory rehabilitation program. Kevin will work with you to not only restore as much of your hearing as possible but also customize an auditory rehab program to help you get to your "personal best" hearing and understanding.

When he isn't helping people hear better, Kevin enjoys spending time with his amazing wife, children and their three dogs. He also enjoys taking his sons, Griffin and Sullivan, to various out of state chess tournaments. When his boys and wife are out of the house, he can often be found with his daughter Moira, creating really bad "raps", which they use to torment the rest of the family.

Kori McConnell : Front Office Manager

Kori McConnell

Front Office Manager


Kori McConnell is the organizational backbone of Ideal Hearing! She is a proud mother of three wonderful children, Griffin, Sullivan and Moira. When she isn't busy keeping things running like a well oiled machine at work, she is an unpaid semi-professional chauffeur, running children to school, chess club, climbing teams, swimming lessons and rehearsals for whatever musical or play they happen to be in at the moment. Kori is a retired musical theatre actress and singer with over 30 shows to her credits, but please don't mention that you know about her theatrical background as she might break out in song and show you her signature "Shuffle-Off-to-Buffalo" dance moves.