Hearing Loops for Theater and Churches

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A hearing loop system transmits an audio signal directly into a hearing aid, reducing other background noises, competing sounds and complications from reverberations and echoes that can make it difficult to hear clearly. When a particular space is “looped”, this means a wire has been run around the perimeter of that space. The wire is attached to a microphone and an amplifier. The microphone picks up the sound and the amplifier takes that sound and sends it to the loop wire. The wire in turn sends that sound directly to anyone wearing hearing aids that have something called a t-coil or tele-coil.

This t-coil is a tiny coil of wire around a core inside the hearing aid that will create an electric current in the coil when it is in the presence of an activated loop system. The hearing aid “hears” this magnetic signal from the loop system and amplifies that sound and sends it through the hearing aid and into the user’s ear. Whatever signal is being picked up by the mike is sent to the people’s hearing aids, almost as if they are wearing their own personal headset.

Hearing loop 2

Both small and very large spaces can be looped. Here are some examples:

  • Performing arts complexes
  • Churches
  • Airports
  • Hospitals
  • Community Centers
  • Business offices

When a particular venue has been “looped’ you will usually see this symbol

Hesring loop 1 2

Almost 80% of existing hearing aids have a t-coil built into them and most hearing aid users have no idea that this technology is already a part of their hearing aids. Be sure to ask your hearing healthcare provider if your aids have a t-coil. If the answer is yes, all you need to do is ask your provider to add a program where the t-coil is switched on. Usually, you will be able to push a small button on the hearing aid to switch to the new program that has the t-coil switched on. You might even have an app on your smart phone where you can turn on this program with a simple swipe of your finger. Either way you will turn on this t-coil enabled program as you enter the theatre and switch it off when you walk out of the theatre…it’s that simple!

Ideal Hearing Solutions is proud to be sponsoring the hearing loop system at the Lakewood Cultural Center and helping audiences hear better…so at your next musical, play or guest performance turn on your t-coil and enjoy the show!